Become a member of the Roslyn Fire Co.

If you are interested in joining the Roslyn Fire Department as any of these positions please contact us or visit us on our Weekly Meetings.

Always ready for action! Preparation is key in our job. We have weekly training sessions to keep our firefighters axe sharp.

Firefighter / Active Crew

A Roslyn Firefighter (an Active Crew Member) is a man or woman 18 years of age or older that has a passion for firefighting and serving their community.

Probationary members must complete the Firefighter I course with members of other Fire Companies to learn the basics of Incident Command, Fireground Operations, and Firefighting Skills.

The Class requires successful completion of a Written Final Exam as well as a Practical Skills Examination and a Structural Burn.

Junior Firefighter

Our Junior Program at the Roslyn Fire Company gives our younger volunteers the chance to learn how to become a firefighter.

Junior members are young adults between the ages of 16 and 17 that express an interest in the fire service. As a Junior, members begin to learn about Firefighting Tactics and the Fire Service as an Organization. 

Teamwork, companionship, responsability, these are some of the values we promote in the Roslyn Fire Company.
We are happy to do our part, and love sharing what we do.

Fire Explorer Program

Members as young as 14 years of age who are interested in firefighting may choose to observe the Company as a “Fire Explorer”.

 This precedes becoming a Junior, and gives young adults the chance to see what the fire service is all about by methods of observation.

General Body

Fighting fires is not the only way to become a member of the Roslyn Fire Company. There are many positions that require the help of “behind the scenes” volunteers to keep the fire company running.

The general body includes,  but is not limited to, the following positions:

    • Executive Board
    • Ladies Auxiliary
    • Fire Police
    • Relief Association
    • General Body Members

- Fire House -

Newcomers are always welcome! We have meetings and training sessions every Wednesday night at 7 pm. Find us on 1128 Bradfield Road, Roslyn, Pennsylvania.

General Body Membership is an excellent way to serve your community without running into a burning building.

The station requires the help and assistance of many volunteers that dedicate their time to many different aspects of the company.

Member Roster

It is the heart of our volunteers that keeps the spirit alive. We are proud to serve our community with honor and passion.

  • Chief: Michael Ratka
  • Deputy Chief: Matthew Orzechowski
  • Assistant Chief: Steve Hartman
  • Captain 500:  Vincent McGurl
  • Lieutenant 500: Joshua Rice
  • Lieutenant 501: Dylan Barnett
  • Chief Engineer: Thomas Miller
  • Safety 500: Matt Gorman
  • Safety 501: Jeffrey Glynn
  • President: Jack Guntz
  • Vice President: Chas Moritz
  • Second Vice President: Gene Ruzzi
  • Secretary:  Ruth Lohr
  • Tyree Adams | | Robert Ardiff | | Dylan Barnett
  • James Michael Bragg | | Matthew Brigidi | | Aubrey Brigidi
  • Kevin Bryson | | David Cantarella | | Joshua Dolan
  • John Gannon | | Jeffrey Glynn | | Matthew Gorman
  • Jack Guntz | | Stephen Hartman | | Kayla Hill
  • Robert Hill | | Marvin Hill | | Reed Hills
  • Authur Dale Jonas | | John Kelly | | Robert Licence
  • Jelani Jordan McCoy | | Vincent Robert McGurl | | Thomas McNamara
  • Thomas Miller IV | | Martin Molinos | | Shannon Mullen
  • Richard Nedzwecky | | Kevin O’Connor | | Leyla Odabas
  • Matthew Orzechowski | | Michael Ratka | | Joshua Rice
  • Nicholas Robinson | | Richard Rowley | | Gene Ryan Ruzzi
  • Thomas Smith | | James Springfield | | Nathan Walker
  • Veronica Irwin | | Joseph Kugler | | Anthony Sibley
  • Armel Telesford | | Elantra Bell | | Trevor Gannon
  • Ian Sharp | | Dave Sharp | | Anthony Muscella
  • Captain:  James Hotchkiss
  • Lieutenant:  Stacey Miller
  • Officer:  Neil Bangor
  • Officer:  April Steed
  • Officer:  Benjamin Walker